A Modern Journal

We’re trying to shake things up a bit. Our printed literary journal will be available for purchase on Amazon, fulfilled by Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing. We’ll be leveraging Amazon’s wide reach, speedy Prime delivery and excellent customer service to serve your voice to readers everywhere. Pomme Journal will also be available in digital format via Amazon Kindle and in audio format on Audible. In 2019, we believe this flexible approach will mean maximum readership for your work.

The Journal

There is something about a printed book that just cannot be replaced by a screen. It’s a coffee table ornament, a friend’s birthday gift or a one-of-many item on your growing bookshelf. It smells good, feels good and it doesn’t get interrupted by pop-up-ads. Pomme Journal is a full-color 8.25x8.25” book that you will be proud of.

Journal Matriarch

Happy wife and mama bear to three ornery cubs, Alicia is a busy lady. She earned a BFA in Visual Communication at the University of Kansas. Though most of her waking hours are spent wiping up spilled milk, singing the ABCs or reading a story for the hundredth time, she manages to find a little time to read, write and design. Dedicated to a successful literary journal, this multi-tasking master is ready to connect author voices to audience ears.

We’re always looking to expand our quirky, wonderful cohort of volunteer readers. If you’re interested, please drop us a line at pommejournalcomm@gmail.com

The ongoing call for artists

We firmly agree with Alice that it is hard to pay attention to a book with no pictures in it. We’re always seeking artwork to accompany our lovely stories. Interested artists can send an email to pommejournalcomm@gmail.com for more information!

We want Pomme Journal to succeed!

Our goal is to keep the journal affordable for family, friends, paupers and princes. We have a vision for Pomme’s future, including paid contributors, paid readers, special editions, scholarships and lots more! Those dreams can be made reality if we get enough funds secured from journal and merchandise sales. If you’d like to help us along the way, we’ll humbly accept a donation below. If you happen to be a larger organization looking to partner with us, please contact us at pommejournalcomm@gmail.com.